Monday, August 11, 2014

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP UK 1973 1st press

bloody spinning
what a cover!
snake on the neck
question: how many rat at the cover hehe
reality or fantasy
manufactured printed England
song titles credits
wwa 005 super du luxe
the band BELENGGENG sambil BERSILAT. so kult
some detail
look that shape
record sleeve have lyric
has patent number and "Made in Great Britain."
record label side 1
record label side 1 matrix
record label side 2
record label side 2 matrix

opening with distortion guitar riff master Iommi.. cant stand i gotta crank up that volume knob to the max.. i think this lp must be the best Sabbath lp. look at the cover itself is enough orgasm already hahaha.. the record packing is good also, it gatefold cover dude.. with record sleeve with lyric on it.. bloody hell i love that font. ok the record i think press on regular weight, with simple WWA Records label. the record sound? huh no need to talk more lah.. u gotta spin on your turntable yourself to feel it.. but what can i say it bloody superb sound!!! i think this album really a stoner with prog brilliant. black sabbath bloody sabbath rules!!! 

for the Black Sabbath sake... Sabotage next


  1. Great album, great title track
    but Iommi choose to tease with just the intro before Paranoid. I think Ozzy cannot take the risk with this song live. Same with Symptom.

  2. I think I'm being poisoned.....arghhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. I think u just wanna show your sabbath "riakwi"..heheh..perghh..banyak koleksi BS ko bro..untung dpt 1st press..brapa harge?

  4. steady!!!....hanya mampu layan dalam utube aje leee