Monday, February 11, 2013

Power of Idea - Yellow Thrash '94

This is pure amazing masterpiece hardcore punx album. "Yellow Thrash" is debut album by Power of Idea, Japanese thrashy grinding fury hardcore punx band. Originally release in 1994 by Tribal War Asia Records. The lyrics is all about true punk idealogy, motivation, politic, brown rice, etc. The vocal style is unique too, all track sing in English but with pure Japanese slank, angry and raging. Power of Idea came to Malaysia and play at the gig at Permas Jaya, Johor in 2000, this tape is distributed for free from the band at the gig, and this tape version was re-release by my fellow Ulu Tiram Jimbo's Broken Noise distro, it's include a malay tranlation for the lyrics and limited 500 copy.

Produced by famous New York City hardcore producer, Don Fury!
Recorded & Mixed at Don Fury Studio
9-11 Sep 1994

01 - War Infects People's Minds
02 - Sons Of Science
03 - I Am Hyperactive
04 - 51st State Of America
05 - Participate Don't Spectate
06 - Fashionable White Rice
07 - Brown Rice
08 - Problem Of A.R.E.
09 - Special Lunch
10 - Power Of Idea
11 - One For All
12 - Nightmare

Don't miss this amazing album, play all track by my own youtube playlist here!
The hc album you must hear before you die!


  1. Kalo band ni pernah datang malaysia sekitar tahun 2000, maksudnya diorang pernah join sekali gig bersama satu lagi band grindcore dari jepun iaitu Damage Digital, kalo x silap aku la...

  2. Wah, grindcore...aku ada satu band yang aku minat, member aku yang kenalkan aku dengan Psyopus!