Friday, May 17, 2013

Church of Misery will release their new album "Thy Kingdom Scum" on May 27th, 2013

ok buat promo sikit pasal band fav aku... dah nak keluar ni... tak leh tahan dah ni...

“We hate trend. We hate corporate attitude. We hate the word ‘stoner’. Death to false stoners!! Let there be DOOM!!”

Here is the first promo from Japan's masters of brutality - Church of Misery, taken from their forthcoming new album Thy Kingdom Scum. Be prepared to be annihilated!

The brand new studio album from Japan's heaviest band is coming soon and it's their heaviest yet!!! Here's a little taste of the sickness to whet your appetite....

Released on Rise Above Records UK and Europe May 27th 2012

Released in North America via Metal Blade June 11th 2013



  1. Stoner at its best! Riff yang memang berat siot! Haha

  2. alamak... band stoner dari jepun...layannn