Monday, July 1, 2013

Loveslug - Circus of Values LP 1991

front lp cover
back lp cover
record side A
record side B
Loveslug was a rocknroll band from Amsterdam, that existed from 1987 to 1994 and consisted of Tony Slug, Mike De Veer, Frank Sloos and Oekel Brenzev. Starting out as a reaction against the rigid and overly-politicized hardcore punk and extreme political corectness in the Amsterdam punk scene, the four initially wanted to call their band The Sand Niggers, but eventually opted for Loveslug
Rejecting both hardcore/metal crossover and the quirky "jazzcore" sounds of those times, Loveslug grew their hair long and took their lead from the MC5, Stoogesand Australian bands such as Radio Birdman instead, aiming to blend these style with the energy and fast tempos of hardcore punk, into something called "Slugrock".
The first cassette demo "Strike Me Blind" was immediately picked up by German Glitterhouse Records, leading to the album "Slug em All". Despite lacking the needed guitar crunch, and a much too polished sound, the debut became an instant hit in Germany, resulting in Loveslug playing almost exclusively in Germany rather than in their own country.