Friday, July 19, 2013

Somewhere in Time ... If Were So Loud ''Even Quiet Bits Were Loud''

If Were So Loud
''Even Quiet Bits Were Loud''
Sterling Sound - DMM
Those notes in the leadout area were written by the mastering engineer George Marino who cut the album at Sterling Sound using DMM. The band might not even have anything to do with it. In the next album "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" which was also mastered by George Marino using DMM is written in the leadout "Very Direct Metal", a reference to the Direct Metal Mastering cutting system. Some mastering engineers occasionally tend to write funny stuff in the leadout. Only the engineer and the band might know what it really refers to. The "Somewhere In Time" LP is not even cut particularly loud and there are plenty of dynamics, so I am not sure what George Marino might have been refering to.

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  1. banyak LP ada macam ni...cekidot

  2. George marino ni famous amos zamqn 80an ada je nama dia mastering by.
    Vinyl etching ni memang pengsi2 nak2 siap ngan xmas greetings dari seriap band member. Aku suka tengok.

  3. wah..sama macam aku punya..kat microchip komputer yg kecik tu pun penah jugak orang buat